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Churchyard & Cemetery Memorial Advice

Memorials for cemeteries

Cemeteries are council maintained and usually allow any natural material. However, memorials must comply with the sizes laid down by the cemetery regulations which, in many cases, restrict the use of full kerbstones. Our stonemasons create stunning kerbstones, but if your cemetery doesn't allow them; we have many other gravestones and headstones available that are sure to meet your needs.

You will notice there are many different colours and designs in the granite headstones and memorials; these are all interchangeable, although some motifs will not show clearly on lighter coloured stones. Granite is very hard and durable and therefore not affected by weathering and is easy to maintain. The slightly softer white marble, however, lends itself to more intricate designs and allows delicate carvings and details.

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Memorials for churchyards

Permission for memorials can only be given by the local incumbent if they comply with the rules laid down by the local diocese. Only memorials with an unpolished finish are allowed in churchyards and in some areas, designs are restricted. However, it is possible to apply for a Faculty (special permission) direct to the diocese in certain instances.

Suitable materials include medium and light grey granites, Yorkstone and Purbeck. White marble memorials are not permitted but designs in Nabresina, which is buff coloured, are quite acceptable.

Remember that fees are charged by both cemeteries and churchyards and these will need to be added to the cost of the memorial, headstone or gravestone.

We make this as part of the process so you know exactly what your getting and how much it will be. This is to make sure that getting your cemetery or churchyard memorial is as straight forward and as stress free as possible.

We guarantee to keep the memorial level, free of charge, for a period of three years. Want to ensure the memorial is kept in its best condition for as long as possible? Take up our memorial insurance or headstone cleaning services. The stonemasons we employ utilise years of experience ensuring your churchyard or cemetery memorial is kept in its best condition.

We do hope this information will be of help to you. Should you require any further information or assistance, our offices are open from Monday to Saturday, where our trained staff will be pleased to answer your questions or talk through your special requirements.