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Raising & Levelling

Alongside our comprehensive grave restoration services, we also provide our clients with raising and levelling options.

We are able to raise and/or level your cemetery memorial back into its correct position, making sure not to damage the memorial or the surrounding landscaping. To comply with cemetery and churchyard regulations, it may be necessary to supply a new foundation and ground anchor.

Raising and levelling is just one way in which we help restore memorials. We go through everything necessary to bring your book, heart or children's memorial back to life and ensure it looks it best for as long as possible. For more information on other care options, please see our memorial restoration page.

For helpful, friendly advice from our stonemasons and for a chance to go through your requirements, give us a call today.

We will ensure the right headstone is chosen for your memorial and design it around your requirements.

To ensure you’re loved ones gravestones and memorials aren’t damaged due to an uneven landscape, we provide a levelling service to ensure that there is no possibility of future damages. Our memorial insurance will ensure that if anything does happen to the gravestones or headstones; we will be able to aid in the recovery and restoration of that memorial. Contact us today to go through your headstone and gravestone requirements with the stonemasons at J Day & Son.

The ground can cause your memorial to slowly tip over or lower itself, the best way to combat this is through raising and levelling which is why our professionals work hard to put everything in its correct place without causing damage to your memorial.

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