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Kerb Memorials

Kerb memorials are only allowed in certain cemeteries and have regulations regarding the size.

Our stonemasons are specialists when crafting any kerb memorials so no matter what your specifications, we are certain we will be able to create the beautiful cemetery memorial that you are looking for. From the design to the complete memorial installation; we make sure that everything is done to perfection. 

They cover the complete grave space and can have earth or chippings inside the kerb area. Alternatively, the interior can be fitted with a cover slab in matching material if required. 

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All kerb memorials are erected on a suitable foundation by our vastly experienced and dedicated team.

The headstones are crafted by our stonemasons and then are put through headstone engraving to have the design and writing of your choosing. They can then be installed at the cemetery that you wish to have it placed (as long as it meets the cemeteries regulations).

All designs are available in different colours and combinations and although we have a comprehensive range to choose from, we also have expertise in bespoke creations of kerb memorials. Our headstone engraving services ensure that you tailor everything to your exact requirements. So not only do you get to choose the colours and style of the cemetery memorial, you can tailor the writing on the headstone to exactly what you want. We even have some examples of the kind of fonts we provide. Give us a call and speak to our stonemasons who are behind all of our stunning memorials.

If you have seen one you like elsewhere and it is not in our gallery, please give us the details and specifications and we will design a similar one for you. We wish to make sure that this process on getting a cemetery memorial prepared is as easy as possible for you during these hard times. 

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Beautiful craftsmanship

Our stonemasons have years of experience behind them in designing and crafting beautiful kerb memorials, gravestones and headstones. They will advise you on what memorial would be best for you based on your requirements. We will then get it designed and made for instant use at your chosen cemetery or churchyard.

Due to its size, kerb memorials sometimes can't be installed at certain cemeteries. If this is the case, we offer a wide range of book, marble and heart memorials, alongside many others, that are perfect for any situation. Cremation stones are also available if that is what you need. We ensure that you have access to the gravestones and headstones that you need at these stressful and sad times.

For more information about our kerb memorials, please either request a brochure or contact us and discuss your requirements with one of our helpful and vastly experienced stonemasons.

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