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Colour Examples

Colour Examples

Black granite

Black Granite

Polished finish with occasional darker tinged areas.

Blue pearl granite

Blue Pearl Granite

Polished finish with black and silver flash.

Ruby red granite

Ruby Red Granite

Polished finish, occasionally with large red or black markings.

Dark gey granite

Dark Grey Granite

Polished finish.

Mid-grey granite

Mid-Grey Granite

Polished finish or sanded with black graining.

Karin grey granite

Karin Grey Granite

Polished finish or sanded with black graining.



Sanded finish with possible areas of orange tints.

York stone

York Stone

Sanded finish with occasional coal markings.

Portland stone

Portland Stone

Sanded finish with shell markings.

White marble

White Marble

Sanded finish with blue/grey vein and some natural taroli markings.

Dove grey marble

Dove Grey Marble

Grey with blue and white veins.

Grey slate

Grey Slate

Honed finish with occasional white veining.